Are you getting married on the beach?

No doubt you are swooning over Pinterest-perfect must-have wedding photos of brides and grooms at each stage of their wedding day, but how are you going to get those gorgeous wedding photos for yourself?

After finding the best wedding photographer for your style and budget, you will need to set a photography timeline that allows them a realistic opportunity to be creative and deliver on their promises.

A lot is riding on this!

But don’t panic. We are here to help.

Lucky for you, we are experts when it comes to destination weddings in Mexico, and are going to share an easy formula for planning the most ideal timeline for your wedding on the beach.

(If you would rather skip through the meat and potatoes, you can find an ideal four and six-hour wedding photography timeline at the end of this article.)

1. Where do I begin building a beach wedding timeline?

Just like your marriage, your wedding day timeline needs to start with a strong foundation. If you…

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