Valentine’s Day in Cabo San Lucas is what happens when you pair one of the most beautiful places on earth with a day dedicated to love.

It’s a perfect storm of romance. Storm in the metaphorical sense since February in Cabo San Lucas is like every other month: absolutely gorgeous, with beaches that stretch for miles and breathtaking views of both the Sea of Cortés and Pacific Ocean.

It’s a perfect opportunity, in other words, for an unforgettable proposal.

But of course unforgettable can be good or bad, depending on the answer you receive when you pop that all-important-question.

That’s why planning matters. Even the combination of the most romantic time and place imaginable may not be enough to ensure your future happiness.

It helps. It certainly helps. But this is a situation where you want everything “just so”. Every aspect needs to be exactly right. Not just the time and the place, but the mood, the music, the sequence of events, the element of surprise, and myriad…

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