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Affordable jewellery perfect for Valentines Day.

Do you struggle to find affordable jewellery for valentines day? Most couples buy at least one special gift on February 14th each year.

Not everyone buys jewellery. In fact, most people agree on the importance of a thoughtful gift. Most of us like the idea that our partner has spent some time thinking about a special Valentine’s gift.

Popular Valentine’s gift ideas include the clichéd dozen red roses, chocolates, flowers, candles, romantic dinners and jewellery. Most importantly the chosen gift should be a perfect fit for your partner.

But rather interestingly, only 1 in 10 men spend over £75 on their partner on Valentines Day.

A staggering £2.5 million is spent on flowers each year for this day.

What do women ask for on Valentines Day?

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