After visiting the state of Washington we thought it was a good idea to visit Canada since we were already so close. We bought an Amtrack (train) ticket from Seattle to Vancouver. We made arrangements to fly back from Canada to San Antonio. The train ride was great! They offer WiFi and a cafeteria, in case you get hungry. It was a 4-hour trip.
We stayed at the
Opus Hotel which is located in Yaletown.  It was a great location since a subway station was across the street (which takes you to the airport), a tour bus stop was a block away,  and there are a lot of really great bars and restaurants as well. I do recommend staying here. Also, there is free WiFi throughout Yaletown.


Visit a Museum
Although our intention the first day was to hop on the tour bus, we never saw the bus stops because the signs were pretty small. So we walked throughout the city looking for the bus stop with no luck. We opted to go to the Museum to warm up and stay dry since it was…

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