Has she been swooning over engagement rings, pinning to her heart’s content, and #hinthint-ing her way across Instagram? The dreaming part of engagement ring shopping is fun. But too often those dreams are shattered when you venture to find out how much all those halos on the popular page cost. Then it’s time to talk about how to finance an engagement ring.

I’m here to tell you that those dreams can still come true.

But first, everyone’s favorite part, the pleasedonttarandfeathermeonsocialmedia DISCLAIMER!

Don’t buy a ring you can’t afford.

This means something different to every shopper, but do not waltz into your local jeweler and buy a ring with a price tag that will keep you up at night. Just don’t do it! Don’t finance a ridiculously expensive ring just because you can, and don’t take out a second mortgage to bankroll that Tiffany ring she loves. Do not buy a ring you cannot afford.

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Moving on.

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