I’ve always been attracted to Valentino, and by Valentino, I mean Valentino Garavani, the designer brand. Particularly items with studs like bags, pumps, sandals, boots, espadrilles etc… Although I currently don’t own anything Valentino I tend to buy things that look very similar. Like these sandals, I am featuring today!
I had been eyeing these for a while. I saw them at Amazon, of course! And I thought about buying them way too much…until one day, I made up my mind! I was worried they weren’t comfortable. You know you get to a certain age where sometimes you have to compromise looks for comfort! Ha! Since these are not Prime, it took about 2-3 weeks to arrive. They only cost $54. Here is my review:
Looks/Quality: They look pretty similar to the Valentino Ruckstud Sandals. These are good dupes. The only thing is that the blue gems are obviously not turquoise. They are more like turquoise transparent acrylic bubbles. But, you have to place the shoes on eye level to notice….

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