Let’s talk about wedding traps. Wait a minute. There are wedding traps…?

Wedding celebrations are joyous, mesmeric and unforgettable, right? 

Oftentimes, the answer would and should be yes. Unfortunately, as with any preparation, there is an assortment of horrible traps that lead to horrific experiences. So let’s not get ourselves tangled in that mess. It won’t be easy to pull yourself out of it! 

Wedding Traps To Avoid #1 Diets Are A Girl’s Best Friend – Not

So, you’ve selected the perfect outfit. You’re ready to strut down the aisle with grace and poise. 


Of course, you can’t just forgo your time with friends. So, it is only normal to hang out with them over a meal, say at a korean BBQ joint or the infamous Hai Di Lao (we all love to be treated like royalty!).


As the day draws closer, you start to fret about fitting into that wedding gown. So you decide to undergo drastic diets shortly before your big day. That’s a big no no!


Why? It is unhealthy and the…

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