Pre wedding shoots are an integral part of any wedding these days. The moment any wedding is finalised people start thinking about when and where to do a pre wedding shoot. Being in this industry since last 8 years and having been a part of more than 600 celebrations so far, we decided to a short writeup on the types of locations suitable for a pre wedding shoot in India.

  • A pre wedding shoot in a private property such as a resort or a hotel. You can see some pictures taken in this type of setup below:

Pre Wedding Shoot at Neemrana-31 Pre Wedding Shoot at Neemrana-26 Pre Wedding Shoot at Neemrana-21 Pre Wedding Shoot at Neemrana-15

  • Pre Wedding Shoot in public spaces such as parks, bridges, roads etc.

best couple shoot photographer-3 best couple shoot photographer-1 best couple shoot photographer-2 Mesmerizing Pre wedding shoot Jantar Mantar-22 Mesmerizing Pre wedding shoot Jantar Mantar-11 Mesmerizing Pre wedding shoot Jantar Mantar-8 top 10 candid wedding photographers-149 top 10 candid wedding photographers-146

  • Pre wedding shoot in a private property such as a villa:

wedding photographers mumbai-1100 wedding photographers mumbai-1101 wedding photographers mumbai-1103 wedding photographers mumbai-1104 wedding photographers mumbai-1105 Pre wedding shoot Mulshi-8 Pre wedding shoot Mulshi-3 Pre wedding shoot Mulshi-5 Pre wedding shoot Mulshi-17 Pre wedding shoot Mulshi-20

  • Pre wedding shoot in a studio:

best couple shoot photographer-14 best couple shoot photographer-11 best couple shoot photographer-10 best couple shoot photographer-7 best photographers in india-6 best photographers in india-7 best photographers in india-3

Hope this helps you in figuring out which type of location you would want to choose for your pre wedding shoot.

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