In today’s post, I’m talking about how to become a wedding planner AND get your wedding planning business really rolling!

You see, it’s easy to change your Instagram status and announce to friends and family, that you’re officially a wedding planner – BUT it’s hard to go from that announcement to a career that brings you creative fulfillment AND is putting money in your checking account!


So, today I’m covering the 5 key steps to becoming a wedding planner, with a business that pays!  Let’s dive in!

  1. Brand Shoot: Making the investment to hire a professional photographer to take headshots, action shots, as well as, a few key detail shots will help you obtain the images you need to stock your website and socials, until your portfolio grows.  I’ve really seen this be a HUGE win for new wedding planners, as you can bring 3-4 sets of plates, escort cards, florals, whatever details you feel truly support your aesthetic and snag images to show your attention to detail and design style – which is so important for prospective clients to see.  
  2. Viable Website & Socials: Even if it’s just one page, having a website is important and shows potential clients that you are serious!  You’ll want to include, a short bio, service package descriptions, links to connect via socials, and a gallery if you have one.  In the same sense, having a social media account with some activity that shows your style is so important.  My faves are Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. (*Pinterest is my secret weapon!)
  3. Styled Shoot: Organizing a styled shoot builds repor with other local vendors that share your target client.  You’ll also want to curate a shoot that helps you attract your target client, builds your portfolio.  Ultimately, you’ll want to get your shoot published, which will help you gain online visibility and momentum.
  4. Review Collection: Collecting reviews that speak to your past event experience (big or small), communication skills, attention to detail, design aesthetic, AND organizational skills is key in winning potential client trust.  Remember, past colleagues and vendor friends are fair game for review collection!  See my post here for a free review collection template.
  5. Venue Partnerships: Forming a venue partnership (with two or three local venues that fit your target client) with an agreement to mutually refer clients to each other, is a great way to create a consistent lead source for your wedding planning business. 

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All of these steps are key to establishing what I call “the sweet spot” – where you are getting online + word of mouth leads in YOUR INBOX every month!

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If you’re looking for more information on how to execute a venue partnership program, how to execute a styled shoot, or more – I’d love to have you check out my other wedding planner training videos on YouTube OR check out my wedding planner training center by clicking here.

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