Your wedding day seems like it will be an unforgettable event, and for the most part, it is! Just be prepared for the day to go by in somewhat of a whirlwind of: photo ops, guest meet and greets, and dancing. The honeymoon, however, is the time where you shed all of the expectations and welcome married life in a state of complete relaxation and fun!

If the two of you are like most couples, you’re probably spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to fund that momentous day. According to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding in 2018 was $33,931 (excluding honeymoon expenses). So basically, most couples are spending about as much on their wedding as they would if they bought a brand new car in cash…up front!

That being said, when you are budgeting expenses for that day, don’t forget to budget for the honeymoon. For most couples, the tab for the honeymoon falls on their personal bank accounts—even if mom and dad pick up the wedding tab. If you and your future spouse are paying for your own dream honeymoon, then you should both start saving and planning as soon as the engagement ring lands on the finger.

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