The $99 INSTAX Mini Link is the latest in FujiFilm’s line of INSTAX instant, handheld printers. Using the INSTAX Mini Link application, the INSTAX Mini Link will connect to the camera roll of mobiles through Bluetooth for quick, seamless prints at an average of 12 seconds. It can print roughly 100 INSTAX prints per a single charge.

A Video Print function will allow motion frames to be printed, too. Multiple copies of a picture can be made by holding the power button while holding the INSTAX Mini Link upside-down.

With a minimal external design, FujiFilm says that operations are intuitive. The device will also work with their X Series and GFX System digital cameras when using the FujiFilm Camera Remote app.

FujiFilm INSTAX Mini Link for immediate prints like Polaroid

Up to five smart devices can be connected and up to eight pictures can be collaged into a single print. The Party Print mode will create a single collage from photos take by multiple users.

While most photos and prints can be previewed, for a taste of the analog days, FujiFilm’s Surprise Mode option reveals the collage only through the final print. 

FujiFilm INSTAX Mini Link for immediate prints like Polaroid

The INSTAX Mini Link application gives a variety of add-on frames for print overlays. There are also artistic filters and controls for achieving the best brightness, contrast and saturation in prints. With shutter and zooming options, the connected INSTAX Mini Link app also works as a functional remote control for smartphones. It’s available now.

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