Wedding Speeches & Wedding Toasts – Whats The Difference?

Our dear friend Rose Smith has several words of advice when you are facing the task of giving a wedding speech or wedding toast.

You’ve been asked to deliver a wedding speech or a wedding toast during the reception. Perhaps you’ve even been asked to be the Master of Ceremonies (emcee) and you have no idea where to begin. What’s a person to do? Here are some tips to help you get started.

The Difference Between a Toast and a Speech

A wedding toast is a short acknowledgement. Usually only a few lines are said, then everyone is asked to raise their glasses and drink a tribute. A wedding speech, on the other hand, is usually several minutes long and encompasses stories, accomplishments, etc. of the person (or group of people) being acknowledged.

The Order of Wedding Speeches

There is usually a certain order that is followed when giving wedding speeches. This is not written in stone and can be changed to suit the particular wedding party. First, the bride’s father or a good family friend gives a speech about the bride and groom, ending with a toast. The groom then stands up, thanks the speech maker and delivers his … Read the rest

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