Choosing a Silver Wedding Dress

Silver is a color with great range and it goes well with many other colors. For this reason it has always been popular with fashionistas and decorators as well as brides. Silver describes everything from the palest gray to metallic sheen of gun metal. In the context of silver moonlight and silver fairy wings it is associated with romance and whimsy. It is hardly any wonder now that brides are becoming even more enamored with silver wedding dress options. According to leading Aberdeen based designer, Jennifer Young Couture,  silver wedding dress is likely to appeal to brides who know for sure that they do not want to wear the traditional white. They are not quite ready to go with all out emerald green or chocolate brown either.

A silver wedding dress is tangibly different from white and it is classy and understated making it a great choice for those seeking a quiet revolution.Many a bride renewing her vows is also picking a silver wedding dress. Silver is the color of the 25th wedding anniversary and those who renew their vows at this momentous anniversary often pick silver wedding dresses. Of course, not everyone waits until the 25th anniversary to

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