The Art of Great Wedding Photography

As you know your wedding photos capture the memories of your big day. But the question is.Will you treasure your wedding photos and share them with pride?Or will you regret your wedding photography and hide your photos away? Let’s look at how great wedding photos gives you memories you will want to treasure over and over with great wedding photos you’ll love to share with your friends and family. Of course, great wedding photos don’t happen by accident – they need a talented weddign photographer like Janie Barclay. And great camera equipment doesn’t make exciting wedding photos. Your wedding photographer creates the wedding photos that you’ll either love or regret.So what makes a great picture?

All great pictures require three key elements working together in harmony; Light, Posing and Composition. Let’s look at them.

Light: There wouldn’t be a picture without light. Photography is the art of painting with light. The quality and direction of light determine the overall feeling your wedding picture, which could be soft and romantic or strong and dramatic.How your wedding photographer is able to work with the available light or modify it, will be the overriding factor in the quality of your wedding photos.… Read the rest

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