How To Get The Perfect Bridal Shower CakeNew Post

We all agree that bridal showers are one of those events that under normal circumstances come only once in the lifetime of a bride. They are exciting, fun and present a rare opportunity to just let your hair down and forget all the worries in the world. Fortunately, even though they occur only once in the bride’s life, the bridal showers you can attend and organize are limitless, depending only on the number of relatives and friends you have that are single and are open to the possibility of marriage. Bridal showers are full of activities in addition to great dishes and crowning this rare occasion is the bridal shower cake. This is usually the highlight of the day and a centerpiece for the occasion.

Since it is meant to offer well wishes to the engaged couple, a bridal shower cake should be lively, innovative in design and should match the theme colors of the bridal shower. You can go about presenting the perfect bridal shower cake in two ways.

A home baked bridal shower cake is relatively east to pull off. After the cake is baked, apply the base frosting with a butter knife. White is usually the icing … Read the rest

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Planning for Wedding Presents you can Afford to Buy

There are people out there right now who are thinking of chirping birds and restaurant tables out on the sidewalk when spring comes around soon. You’re thinking however that where there is spring, Memorial Day can’t be far behind. And since the months after Memorial Day happen to be the unofficial matrimonial season in America, that means this is the time you need to scramble for funds to buy presents for all the weddings you’ve promised to attend. How much would be appropriate to spend on a gift? People may spend more in absolute terms on their weddings each year; but inflation-adjusted, it does appear that people seem to be cutting down on what their weddings cost. The couple whose wedding you be buying a gift for, will probably understand it you want to save a little on the cost of your wedding presents too. As the websites specializing in weddings let you know, spending anything around $100 is appropriate for a close friend; spending $50 more would be appropriate for a family member.

If you are anxious to save money on the wedding presents you buy this season, there is one thing you can do to help your case … Read the rest

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Wedding Speeches & Wedding Toasts – Whats The Difference?

Our dear friend Rose Smith has several words of advice when you are facing the task of giving a wedding speech or wedding toast.

You’ve been asked to deliver a wedding speech or a wedding toast during the reception. Perhaps you’ve even been asked to be the Master of Ceremonies (emcee) and you have no idea where to begin. What’s a person to do? Here are some tips to help you get started.

The Difference Between a Toast and a Speech

A wedding toast is a short acknowledgement. Usually only a few lines are said, then everyone is asked to raise their glasses and drink a tribute. A wedding speech, on the other hand, is usually several minutes long and encompasses stories, accomplishments, etc. of the person (or group of people) being acknowledged.

The Order of Wedding Speeches

There is usually a certain order that is followed when giving wedding speeches. This is not written in stone and can be changed to suit the particular wedding party. First, the bride’s father or a good family friend gives a speech about the bride and groom, ending with a toast. The groom then stands up, thanks the speech maker and delivers his … Read the rest

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5 Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding

As you know weddings are an expensive affair. And being a discerning bride you’ll love finding out great ways to save on your wedding.Here are five ways you can save money on your wedding straight away.

Plan Your Wedding Off-Peak

This may be an obvious tip but it’s also the most over looked. The whole wedding industry, as with any other industry, evolves around supply and demand. In other words when demand is high so are prices.Book your wedding off season or mid-week could save you a small fortune. Do both and you’ll save even more. Everything will be a little bit cheaper from venues, your wedding car and of course your wedding video production.

Make Your Own Stationary

It is possible to buy inexpensive kits to make your own invitations or you could even create your own on your home PC.Create your own place mat settings and seating plan. This will add the personal touch to your wedding. And will be a lot of fun.

Get smart with your thank you cards

Ask your wedding photographer whether they can help.They may be able to supply high quality stationary at less than high street prices – perhaps containing one … Read the rest

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