5 Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding

As you know weddings are an expensive affair. And being a discerning bride you’ll love finding out great ways to save on your wedding.Here are five ways you can save money on your wedding straight away.

Plan Your Wedding Off-Peak

This may be an obvious tip but it’s also the most over looked. The whole wedding industry, as with any other industry, evolves around supply and demand. In other words when demand is high so are prices.Book your wedding off season or mid-week could save you a small fortune. Do both and you’ll save even more. Everything will be a little bit cheaper from venues, your wedding car and of course your wedding video production.

Make Your Own Stationary

It is possible to buy inexpensive kits to make your own invitations or you could even create your own on your home PC.Create your own place mat settings and seating plan. This will add the personal touch to your wedding. And will be a lot of fun.

Get smart with your thank you cards

Ask your wedding photographer whether they can help.They may be able to supply high quality stationary at less than high street prices – perhaps containing one of your bride & groom photos.Many photographers will be only too pleased to help you. It is a great opportunity for them to market to your friends and family for future referrals.

Be Creative with Flowers

But don’t cut the florist! Keep your flowers simple. There is no need to have an excessive amount of flowers to make a big impact.Single flower heads laid on a table look as good as elaborate displays. A simple bouquet with lots of inexpensive greenery will keep the attention on you.

Cut out the three tier cake

Wedding cakes can be incredibly expensive.If you’re traditional you could just have a top tier made to keep for your first christening.You could have the other cake tiers made up with cup cakes. Or scrap the cake and hire a chocolate fountain! This alone could save you a small fortune.


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